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iFlip Real Estate

Find out how to automate much of the foreclosure process with this hands-off, data management software that will do most of the busy work for you. This powerful system will attract, train and manage all your bird dogs.

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Cash Buyer Data Feed

With all the red tape and silly loan restrictions these days, it's no wonder why investors are frustrated. Cash buyers are the only way to go from now on. Cash buyers are the ticket to easy and smooth transactions.

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Inner Circle

Need a little extra hand holding each month? I know what it feels like to be starting out in real estate, not knowing exactly what to do or if it's being done right.

Well it doesn't have to be this way.

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Four Pillars of Real Estate

This is the ultimate all-in-one package that will give you everything you need to start investing in real estate today! The program will allow you to get more leads so you can make more offers, do more deals and make more money!

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Private Lender Data Feed

All I hear everyday is, "if I only had money, I would be able to do more deals." Guys - there is money all over the place for the getting. Even I, Cameron Dunlap, use private money.

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Real Estate Skip Trace

With Real Estate Skip Trace, you can quickly and easliy find owners of vacant properties that your competition can't, giving you a decidedly unfair advantage over the competition!

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